The Most Popular Hashtag on YouTube: Ranking the Trending Tags

The article provides a ranking and analysis of the top 10  Most Popular Hashtag on YouTube: Ranking the Trending Tags and engagement. It explains why hashtag optimization is crucial for YouTube discoverability and viewership. The top hashtags identified are #Shorts, #YouTube, #Entertainment, #Music, #Gaming, #Comedy, #Family, #DIY, #Food, and #Vlog. The article also highlights emerging hashtags gaining traction to tap into like #ASMR, #Animals, #GirlBoss, #LGBT, #Dance, and #Yoga. It recommends creators blend trending hashtags with specific niche tags for each video. The rankings offer a blueprint for which hashtag communities to align with for growth. Overall, optimizing hashtags can dramatically expand a YouTube channel’s reach and viewership

Hashtags have become a crucial tool for content discovery and reaching new audiences on YouTube. Tagging your videos with relevant hashtags allows users to find your content and contributes to its performance in searches and recommendations.

But in YouTube’s massive sea of over 2 billion monthly users, which hashtags should you use to give your videos the best chance of ranking and going viral?

This in-depth guide will rank the current most popular hashtags on YouTube to help inform your hashtag strategy.

Why YouTube Hashtags Matter

YouTube added hashtag functionality back in 2013, and they’ve since become standard practice for creators and brands. Here’s an overview of why you should make tagging videos with relevant hashtags part of your YouTube SEO strategy:

  • Discoverability – Hashtags allow viewers to easily find videos about specific topics, themes or events. Tagging improves your content’s visibility.
  • Higher Rankings – YouTube’s algorithm factors hashtags into its ranking metrics. More hashtags can signal relevancy and boost search rankings.
  • Virality – Trending hashtags help videos ride the momentum of hot topics. This expands reach beyond just current subscribers.
  • Analytics – You can track views and traffic from individual hashtags in YouTube Analytics to optimize further and capitalize on what’s working.
  • Community – Hashtags allow viewers interested in a topic to connect. This builds a sense of community around shared interests.

For each video, aim to include a mix of popular hashtags combined with several specific and niche hashtags tailored to your content. But let’s start by examining the heavyweight trending tags dominating YouTube.

10 The Most Popular Hashtag on YouTube: Ranking the Trending Tags

YouTube does not provide an official list of their top trending hashtags. However, extensive research shows these are consistently the most searched, engaged and viewed hashtags on the platform.

#1: #Shorts

By an overwhelming margin, #Shorts is the current most popular hashtag driving massive visibility.

This makes sense given YouTube’s huge investment in their own TikTok competitor, YouTube Shorts. Over 50 billion Shorts play daily, so tagging shorts content with #Shorts is essential.

Short, vertical videos have become the hot new content format. Including #Shorts signals to YouTube your video aligns with this focus and taps into the exponential growth of short-form video.

#2: #YouTube

The simple hashtag #YouTube comes in second. This tags your content as originating on YouTube and helps pull in engaged users browsing or searching the platform.

It’s the top level community hashtag aligning your videos with the YouTube brand. Think of it as tagging for the YouTube tribe.

#3: #Entertainment

A broad but powerful hashtag, #Entertainment ranks highly for its scope pulling in viewers seeking entertaining videos.

It has mass appeal for fun, lighthearted content from vlogs to comedic skits and everything in between. This is perfect for lifestyle vloggers and comedians.

#4: #Music

Given YouTube’s status as the #2 most visited website for music discovery, it makes sense #Music is a coveted top hashtag.

This helps musicians, artists and record labels pull in listeners exploring new tunes on YouTube. It’s ideal for music videos, live performances, album teasers and lyric breakdowns.

#5: #Gaming

YouTube is the #1 website for gaming content like live streams, walkthroughs and eSports. No surprise here that #Gaming is a dominant hashtag allowing this passionate community to connect.

For any gaming-related content, using #Gaming helps put it on gamers’ radars as they search YouTube for their favorite entertainment medium.

#6: #Comedy

Laughter is universal, so #Comedy continues trending highly on YouTube. Funny content offers enjoyment and an escape for viewers.

Tagging comedic videos makes them easier to discover for users seeking humor. Great for sketch comedy, stand up comics, parodies, memes, funny commentary and more.

#7: #Family

YouTube has firmly become a family activity, especially during the pandemic with so many creating content at home.

#Family taps into this community of viewers craving family-friendly videos for entertainment and learning. It covers a wide range of topics like parenting tips, family activities, toys and games.

#8: #DIY

YouTube has emerged as the ultimate destination for DIY how-to content. Tapping into this interest with #DIY helps creative videos spread to the millions seeking to learn new skills and projects.

It spans DIY categories like crafts, cooking, woodworking, home improvement, gardening, fashion and more. Tutorial creators should leverage #DIY extensively.

#9: #Food

Entire cultures have been built around #Food. It’s both essential for survival and brings joy. #Food attracts the huge segment seeking tasty recipes and restaurant reviews.

This includes mukbangs, cooking tutorials, food vlogs, restaurant tours, and any cuisine focused content makers can dream up.

#10: #Vlog

Vlogging remains one of the most popular YouTube video styles. Tagging with #Vlog makes these personal videos stand out to viewers seeking authentic life stories and intimate access to influencers’ worlds.

Daily vlogs, travel vlogs and couple/family vlogs tend to engage viewers through experiences and relationships. #Vlog taps into this demand.

Rising Trending Hashtags to Watch

Beyond the established heavy hitters, these are some rising hashtags gaining more traction to tap into:

  • #ASMR – Autonomous sensory meridian response videos are mesmerizing and relaxing viewers.
  • #Animals – Our furry friends drive engagement, especially cute pets and babies.
  • #GirlBoss – Empowering community supporting ambitious women.
  • #LGBT – Building the lesbian, gay, bi, trans and queer community.
  • #Dance – High interest in choreography and dance tutorials.
  • #Yoga – For the growing community seeking yoga and mindfulness content.
  • #Vegan – Plant-based eating continues surging in interest.

Stay on top of rising trends by monitoring your analytics and searching related keywords to find emerging hashtags to leverage early before competition swells.

YouTube’s Most Popular Hashtag offer a roadmap for which topics and communities to align with via strategic tagging. Blend the most popular tags that best fit your niche with specific hashtags tailored to each video.

Most Popular Hashtag on YouTube evolve over time just like any trend. Keep researching what’s current and don’t rely on outdated tag lists. Use these rankings as a baseline, but always confirm what’s trending to make the most of hashtags for your YouTube growth. So Hashtags, Tags, and Keywords will help you grow big. And using them in the right way will help you grow faster. Make sure to avoid bad methods or unplanned youtube strategies. Finally, you can easily do a channel audit and find out more strategies to help improve your youtube journey.

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