101 Popular and Trending YouTube Challenges To Do 2024

YouTube challenges and trends are that special ingredients to make the winning dish. Want to stay at the top and keep gaining more and more viewers? For that, you need the latest, exciting, and interesting challenges for the audience. The best part is, it is so fun to do it yourself. Life never gets boring with these unpredictable tasks.

Wanna find out what challenges are trending? Check out these 101 popular and trending YouTube challenges in 2024.

list of 100+ most popular and trending YouTube challenges in 2024.


The 100-layer challenge is one of the trending YouTube challenges. You can even try this challenge alone. The only thing to think of it, what material you want to choose for layering 100 times.

Few people use t-shirts, a few use facemasks, others are doing 100 layers of nail paint, and much more.

2- Fun Accent Challenge

If you are a fan of accents other than your own then this challenge is a must-try one for you. Try different words from other accents and it will definitely be fun when you compare.

Try out this trend with your friends, and partners or you can do it alone.

3- Not My Hands Challenge

This one is among the most popular YouTube challenges of 2024. ‘Not my hands’ challenge is a great one to try with friends. In this, your friend has to pretend as if their hands are yours. They will do stuff like cooking, painting, texting, makeup, eating, etc. This is fun to do but so funny to watch too.

4- The Yoga Challenge

This is one of the YouTube challenges to do with your friends or even alone. All you need for this challenge is a little bit of flexibility. Try to do different poses of yoga with friends and see how humorous the filming is going to turn out.

5- The Ghost Pepper Challenge


The hottest YouTube challenge is the Ghost pepper challenge. In this, you have to consume a whole ghost pepper, Bhut jolokia, and make a video of it. Get your friends too and see their reactions. A word of advice, think before you do this hot and crazy challenge.

6- Water Bottle Flip Challenge

This famous YouTube challenge is popular all over the globe. Do this challenge with yourself, your friends, or your family. You can even find videos of babies doing this challenge on YouTube. It never gets old.

For this, take a bottle and try to flip it into its normal standing position. It isn’t as easy as it seems to be. Try this challenge and see who wins.

7- Chubby Bunny Challenge

Wanna do some crazy and funny challenges with your friends to get that sweet dose of laughter? Try the chubby bunny challenge. Get some marshmallows or chubby bunnies and fill your mouth with them. Yes, do not put one but fill your mouth completely. Then you have to say chubby bunny. Keep on putting marshmallows to the point when you cannot say chubby bunny anymore.

8- The Cinnamon Challenge

This challenge is quite dangerous and can cause health complications. So, think twice before doing this challenge.

In this challenge, a person has to eat a spoon filled with cinnamon at once.

9- Eat it or Wear it Challenge

So, here is yet another funny and entertaining challenge for YouTube. For this, think of a few food names and write them down on paper. Put the paper in the bag. Now, in your turn, you have to either eat the food or wear it. The person with the least-wearing item wins.

10- Smoothie Challenge

Wow, as the name suggests, this challenge seems to be a great one. But there is a hidden twist. You have to select 10 items for a smoothie that you like and 10 that are not good in taste. Mix 20 papers and pull 2 at a time. Mix these 2 items and make smoothies and drinks. It can turn out to be delicious or quite disgusting.

11- Last To Wins Challenge

This challenge is for the ones who can stay the most time on something. Whoever stays in the challenge will win the prize in the end. You can come up with a variety of different ideas like the last to take the hand-off money will win and get the prize.

12- Try Not To Laugh Challenge

This YouTube challenge is too funny to film and watch too. Select a few very funny videos and watch them. But remember, you cannot laugh. Smiling is acceptable but the second you laugh you lose.

Plus, people love watching these kinds of videos so do try out this one.

13- Internet Slang Challenge

For this challenge, pick out some questions from internet slang dictionaries, and urban dictionaries. Try this challenge with friends and see who gets the most answers correct.

14- Cotton Ball Challenge

Want to pick out a simple challenge to do with friends or family, this is the one. Get a bowl and put some cotton bowls in it and then place it on the table. Also, put another empty bowl and put it over your head. For this task, blindfold the participants. Use a spoon to transfer the cotton balls. Set time, play, have fun and see who is the winner. The best part about this challenge is the cotton balls. You will not even know whether you have something on your spoon or not.

15- 7 Seconds Challenge

All you need for this challenge is another living person sitting next to you. Find out a few tasks that can be finished within 7 seconds. Do the task and see who wins.

16- The Brain Freeze Challenge

This challenge is quite extreme and you need one more person with you while filming this video.

Two ways can be followed to complete this challenge-

Pour ice-cold water or ice cubes into the bathtub and ask your friend to get into it. Then ask your friend questions. The way out of that ice-cold bath is only the right answer.

Another option is to drink an ice-cold drink without any pause and then tell how you feel.

17- Chapstick Challenge

This challenge is suitable for couples not kids, family, or friends. In this challenge, the boyfriend needs to kiss his girlfriend. Find out the flavor of their chapstick while kissing.

18- Baby Food Challenge

This challenge is becoming quite popular these days, especially among parents. In this challenge, you and your friends or partners have to eat baby food. After that, guess the ingredients of the food. It can be delicious but it can be tasteless sometimes.

19- Roast Yourself Challenge

This is another amazing challenge for the YouTube list. It is a little hard but turns out to be fun and humorous.

For this challenge, go to your account and read hate comments and then roast yourself. You can even ask your family or friends to read the hate comments for you. Then you can react and get yourself roasted.

20- Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge

This popular YouTube challenge is fun to do and watch and is quite adorable too. This is a famous challenge among couples in 2021. In this, the boyfriend has to do his girl’s makeup.

If your boyfriend is good at it then perfect but if not, wait to see how funny the results come out to be.

21- Not My Legs Challenge

Remember the not my hand’s challenge, this one resembles that one pretty well. Here, your friend has to pretend to have your legs. Film yourself and instead of your legs show your friends. Behave naturally while filming the video but it will get funny due to those legs.

22 – Pizza Challenge

Foodies and pizza lovers! This is your challenge to try. In this, your friend or partner will select 10 food ingredients for pizza like jam, spinach, or apple. It can be anything you want. Make a pizza with those ingredients and eat.

23 – Nintendo Switch Challenge

If you are a gamer, this challenge is the one for you. For this challenge, pick out new, weird and interesting games and play with your friends. You can do this challenge and it will be more entertaining if you film it. This challenge can be done with a Nintendo Switch, PS4, or Xbox.

24_Fantastic Gymnastic Challenge

The fantastic gymnastic challenge is quite like the flip bottle challenge. But the difference here is that instead of a bottle here is a board game. You have to get the gymnastic right on their feet when they land.

25_Bean Boozled Challenge

Bean boozled challenge is all about friends and a pack of Jelly belly bean boozled packs. Eat beans without seeing them and guess the taste of it. Some of the jelly beans taste good. While some can be awful which actually makes the challenge more entertaining.

26_The Whisper Challenge

Get earphones or a headset and put on some loud music on it. Your friends or partner will say some words and you will have to guess them. Do film this as it will be funny and entertaining.

27- Whipped Cream Challenge

Whipped cream challenge is a great and entertaining challenge for kids and couples. Ask a question from your partner. If the answer is incorrect then you get a heavy splash of whipped cream straight onto your face.

28-Speed Drawing Challenge

You do not need special drawing or artistic skills for this YouTube challenge of 2022. Get a group of friends to take part and one becomes the judge.

Judge tells you the name of an object like a cat, pan, ice cream, etc and you need to draw as fast as possible, like in 3 seconds. The best and most resembling one will win. Get ready to discover hilarious creatures that you and your friends will create in this time-ticking challenge.

29 – Touch My Body Challenge

This one is ideal for couples. In this challenge, you will need to touch parts of your partner’s body with a blindfold on your eyes. A person with the most right guesses will win the challenge.

30 – Blindfolded Drawing Challenge

Again, do not think that this is only for artistic personalities. Anyone can try this challenge and it will be even more fun if you are bad at drawing. Your partner will tell you what to paint or draw. Start your artwork with a blindfold on and see how funny it gets. 

31 – Speech Jammer Challenge

This challenge is all about speaking and then getting interrupted in the middle. Ask your friends, family, or partner to play. It will turn out quite funny so do give it a try.

32 – The Floor Is Lava Challenge

This is a game that we all have played in our childhood. It can make great content for  YouTube. Gather your old friends and play at odd places to make things even more fun.

33 – Testing Viral Life Hacks Challenge

This one will definitely gain a lot of attention from the audience. People see viral life hacks but wonder if they work. You put them into work and show the reality to your audience. There are many life hacks you can try.

34 – Cake Challenge

Bake a cake in this challenge but with a twist. Use interesting ingredients like fries, jellies, cheese, etc. Also, the film with family or friends.

35 – The Disney Challenge

This is a great challenge for kids, youngsters, and even adults. Everyone has watched Disney while growing up. For this challenge, you need to play a song from a Disney animation and then guess the movie. If the opponent team has the most right guesses, they win.

36- 24 Hour Challenge

The 24-hour challenge is one of the trending ones. Youtubers film themselves eating the subway for 24 hours, staying in the car for 24hours, etc.

Find out anything, do it exactly for 24 hours, and film it.

37 – Dizzy Challenge

This is quite an entertaining and humorous challenge. In this, you have to spin around on a chair until you feel dizzy. Then get up and do the task asked by your friends or partner.

38- Innuendo Bingo Challenge

This old yet classic challenge is very popular among YouTubers. You have to make sure you do not laugh with water filled in it. Play funny videos to make it more exciting.

39 – Going To The Worst Rated Place In Town Challenge

This is another trending and popular YouTube challenge of 2021. Youtubers are testing various places such as nail salons, hotels, restaurants, etc.

The main attractions are those that are especially the worst-rated ones.

Who knows, despite the bad reviews, you discover something amazing.

40- What’s In The Box Challenge

In this get a box and put anything in it without letting the other person know. They need to touch and guess what is in the box. Sometimes, it can be disgusting.

41- Cold Water Challenge

Do this challenge with your fun-loving and adventurous friends. For this, you need to jump into cold water like a river, lake, sea, or swimming pool.

42 – Cling Film Challenge

Cling film challenges can be fun to do. Wrap your friend, partner, or family member in cling film. But the challenge is that they need to get out as fast as possible.

43- Cheez-it Challenge

This is another food challenge. Get your friends and eat a whole bag of chips, cheez-it as fast as possible. The first one to finish wins. Get spicy flavor to make the challenge exciting and spicier.

44 – Cook a Meal Challenge

This is a MasterChef lite. You gather your friends and family for this challenge. Select a recipe that everyone can cook. Now you will have the same dish but with a lot of different tastes. To make it fun, do invite people who do not know how to cook at all.

45- 10,000 Calorie Challenge

This challenge requires you to eat 10,000 calories in a whole day. You can gain weight, imbalance your diet and metabolism. So, think before trying this challenge for YouTube.

46-Beans And Chopstick Challenge

This is a trending YouTube challenge for 2021. Try this funny and interesting trend with your partner or friends. Fill one bowl with beans and try grabbing beans with chopsticks and putting them in another bowl.

47 – 100 T-shirts Challenge

Put on 100 t-shirts and see how it goes. Actually, it will be hard to even reach near the 100th t-shirt. It isn’t as simple as it seems.

48 – Say Something Challenge

Say something challenge needs at least 2 participants. Players have to say any one word related to the topic. But the fun part is that you cannot repeat words once spoken. If you do, you lose.

49 – Big Meal Challenge

Want to know what challenges are trending? Well not down, this one is definitely in one of the top ones on the list.

Get the biggest meal from any restaurant and you have to film. Try to finish it all. This can be a little hard but gets more fun and interesting when done with friends.

50 – Korean Spicy Noodle Challenge

Try this challenge only if you can handle eating spicy food. Ask your friends or family to join in the challenge. See if you can finish the spicy Korean noodles or not.

51- Guess The Game Soundtrack Challenge

Another  YouTube challenge that is great for gamers. You need at least 3 people to do this challenge. One will play different soundtracks and the other 2 have to guess. One with more correct guesses wins.

52 – Guess The Youtuber’s Voice Challenge

People who watch a lot of videos on YouTube can have this challenge. Get your friend to take part with you. Play any video and guess the person in the video. If you guess more correct answers you win. Do tag people whose videos you played to get their attention.

53 – Lie Detector Challenge

For this challenge, you can find a lie detector on Amazon or you can also download an app from the app store.

Ask questions from your friend, family, or partner while their hand on a lie detector.

The lie detector might not be accurate but still, it will be fun to do this challenge.

54 – Singing Gargle Challenge

You need to sing while gargling water in this challenge. And your friend or partner will guess the song. This challenge will definitely be fun to do and watch.

55-  Egg Roulette Challenge

This challenge needs friends, a roulette wheel, and eggs. Place the egg on the wheel and leave some gaps. Spin the wheel and if you get an egg, you have to crack it on your head. Messy right? But it will be fun.

56 – Chicken Nugget Challenge

Get chicken nuggets from various places like McDonald’s, KFC, etc. Do not get mere 20 nuggets. It should be in hundreds. If you love chicken nuggets, this challenge will be fun for you.

57 – McDonald’s Roulette Challenge

In this challenge, you get to the drive-thru at McDonald’s and order whatever the person in front of you did.  You will have to pay $100 or $5. A curiosity of the challenge will make it entertaining.

58 – Last to Leave Challenge

Do the last to leave a challenge with your friends and film it. You can do stuff like last to leave trampoline wins or last to leave sauna wins. Do keep a juicy prize at the end to make win more desirable.

59 – Followers Control My Day Challenge

YouTubers love doing this challenge because of the high engagement with their audience. Ask your viewers to choose through polls or tell through comments and control your whole day. You can ask things like what to eat, where to go, which movie to watch and so on. Get some interesting questions for the audience to make the challenge exciting.

60 – Eating The World’s Biggest Challenge

As the word suggests, this challenge is about eating the largest things in the world. Get the largest-sized food items like chocolates, pizza, burgers, etc.

61 – Exploding Watermelon Challenge

We are all aware of this famous challenge. Be a little extra careful when the watermelon explodes. Most of the time people get hurt in this challenge. Put rubber bands on the watermelon until it explodes.

62 – Duct Tape Challenge

If you have always wondered how it would like to be to get kidnapped then try this one. Ask someone like friends or family to duct tape you such that it is hard to escape. Be a little cautious and do not get hurt in this.

63 – The TMI Challenge

TMI means Too Much Information. Engage your subscribers in this challenge along with you. Ask them to comment questions and you have an answer. The weird, funny, and interesting questions will make the video entertaining.

64 – Extremely Sour Candy Challenge

Try eating extremely sour candy in front of the camera. Try this challenge with friends to make it even more entertaining. Do film those funny reactions for your YouTube video.

65 – Transforming Myself Into Challenge

Get your courage and dive into this challenge. Think of any character, animal, bird, etc and transform into that for a specific period of time like 5 hours or so.

Do everything as the character does no matter what.

66 – Best Friend Tag Challenge

You need a best friend to do this challenge. Write down funny and weird questions and ask them from your best friend while filming. Write down answers and compare them. Get some amazing questions to make this challenge a fun dose.

67 – Boyfriend/Girlfriend Tag Challenge

Like the challenge above but instead of your best friend get your boyfriend/girlfriend this time. Ask a couple of questions like first met or first kiss. You can find a lot about your partner through these simple questions.

68 – Branded Vs Cheap Food Challenge

Youtubers are doing this challenge these days. Some love to eat and some want views. There are people who want to prove that cheap stuff can taste better than branded food.

Ask your friend to do this challenge with you. Get food from the market, unbranded and branded. Now, your friend gives you one item from the branded as well as unbranded section. Guess which one is expensive and which is not.

69 – Try Not to Sing Challenge

This challenge seems simple but it isn’t your friend putting on some songs and you have to try not to sing together. But what if that is the song that you blast in your car or love to sing in the shower? Hard to resist right?

70 – Hungry Hippo Challenge

Do this simple and funny challenge with friends and film it. In this, you drop food like jelly beans on a plate and try to catch as many as you can handle on your mount. Set a time like 20 sec after that to count how many you got. One with the highest wins.

71 – Backward Word Challenge

Think of any word and say it backward. Do it as fast you can to make it more fun. Also, get your friends or partner and see how they do. Trying this challenge on fast mode is a must to make it fun and enjoyable.

72 – No Mirror Makeup Challenge

Doing makeup is so fun and feels amazing but in front of a mirror. But in this challenge, do your makeup without looking into the mirror. Ask your friends to do this challenge and one with better makeup wins.

73 – Toilet Paper Fort Challenge

This is an exciting challenge that will bring lots of viewers for sure. Make teams or you can perform with a couple of friends. Get to the grocery store and make a fort out of toilet paper. And the main part is, that you should not get caught or thrown out.

You can even have competition among teams at different grocery stores. Then see who stays the longest without getting caught.

74 – 24-hour Handcuff Challenge

You have to do this challenge with your partner or friends. Get handcuffed for 24 hours with the other player. You cannot remove this even in public. Try this out it will be fun. Especially among couples, it might bring them even closer.

75 – Draw it or Eat it Challenge

In this challenge, you have to draw the food that is in front of you. If your competitor draws better than you, you lose. The person that loses has to eat that food. This funny and simple challenge is great to do with siblings and friends.

76 – No Hands Nail Polish Challenge

Nail polish is a must for girls these days. Whether these are youngsters, teenagers, women, all of them love nail polish. Putting on nail polish is fun too. But what if there are no hands involved in the process. You have to paint your nails without using your own hands.  You can use your mouth to complete the challenge.

77- Mannequin Challenge

The mannequin challenge is one of the Most trending YouTube challenges of 2022. As the name says, you have to act as if you are a mannequin or statue. No one moves until the song plays. The one who moves even a little loses. It is even more fun when you do this in public.

78 – Eating Lemons With No Reaction Challenge

Lemons make great additions to a variety of foods, beverages, etc but eating a lemon by itself is not an option. Well, through this challenge you can have a taste. But the twist is to eat sour lemons without showing a single impression on the face. Do this with your squad and see who can actually pass this one.

79 – Oreo Challenge

Oreo is one of the yummiest cookies and to do a challenge with various flavored Oreos will be amazing. For the challenge, blindfold, eat different Oreos, and guess the flavors. The person with the most correct answers will be the winner.

Or try out another challenge, to eat Oreos in 10 minutes and see who eats the most.

80 – No Thumbs Challenge

Every body part is very important, including your thumbs. Want exciting stuff for YouTube? Do this challenge and learn the importance of your thumbs along. Do tasks like cutting vegetables, combing your hair, brushing your teeth, etc. Do it with friends and see who wins.

81 – Stinky Smell Challenge

This is another challenge to perform with one person blindfolded. Other person brings objects with various smells near them and makes the right guesses to win. But, most of the objects need to stink. Plus, the weird reactions will make this challenge quite amusing.

82- Eating One Color of Food in 24 Hours Challenge

This is another fun and challenging challenge. Do this with your friends or family to make fun of boring time at home. Pick a color like yellow, red, or green and you have to eat that colored food for 24 hours.

83 – Weird Food Combination Challenge

Ask your friend to pick up four foods from your pantry or refrigerator. Then you have to eat all these foods all at once. Be ready for some weird food combinations coming on your way.

84 – A Gallon Of Milk Challenge

Gallon Milk challenge is one of the new YouTube challenges. So here is the challenge, you have to drink a gallon of milk in an hour without vomiting. It is evident that this challenge is quite impossible. So, if you can do this, you win.

85 – Saltine Challenge

Saltine crackers have a characteristic feature of dehydrating our bodies. So, find out how much saltine crackers you can consume without drinking water.

86 – Impression Challenge

The person who can make the best impression will definitely win this one. Do this with your family or friend group. Show them your hidden talent with amazing impressions of different characters. It would be better if you make a list and pick a random one to do the challenge on the spot.

87 – Pause Challenge

This is another fun challenge. Doing this with your friends will make your day memorable for sure especially if it is done in public. You have to pause and the other person has to become a statue, no matter what position they are in. Wait for strangers’ reactions to your poses.

88 – Say yes Challenge

Take this challenge for 24 hours to say yes to anything that comes your way. Remember, it is a rule that you can’t say no to anything or anyone. You will have great stuff for your YouTube video.

89 – Tin Can Challenge

Get a few tin cans from the pantry, remove the labels and then mix all of them up. You should not remember what can contain which item. Then one by one start opening the cans but guess first. Ask your friend or family members to take part. A person with more correct guesses wins.

90 – Bubble Gum Challenge

The bubble gum challenge is about seeing who can fit the largest number of bubble gums into their mouths. But do not get one flavor, bring lots of it together to make this challenge worth performing.

91 – Say Anything Challenge

Get two people to start this challenge. Say random words without pausing and repetition one after another. If someone repeats or pauses, they have to get taped on their face as a punishment. A person with less tape on the face is the winner.

92- Fruit Roll-up Race Challenge

This is one of the best challenges for children and even adults. So, in this challenge, everyone puts a fruit roll up in their mouth. Then start together and see who finishes the challenge first.

93 – Candy Kissing Challenge

Here we are, at another candy challenge. This is great for couples to try. In this, a person eats candy and the one kissing will guess the flavor of the candy. Do blindfold the players to make this game even more exciting and fun.

94 – Cooking Without Recipe Challenge

Cooking is a difficult task for some people. Plus, cooking without knowing the how-to or a recipe makes it even more difficult.

In this challenge, get your friends that are least interested in cooking. Perform this challenge and cook things without any recipe. But do provide the things needed to cook the stuff. One with the best dish will win the challenge.

95 – Walk on The Lego Challenge

Stepping on a lego is disastrous. But imagine doing this challenge of walking on lego. Do this trend with your friend and see how this turns out.

96 – Boyfriends Buy Outfits For Girlfriends Challenge

This one is all about shopping but not about yourself. Boyfriends have to go buy stuff for their girlfriends. It’s great to see how well your boyfriends know your fashion style and choices. The best part is, who doesn’t love gifts? Be prepared to get a lot of gifts from your boyfriend. And people love watching stuff like this so do film it.

97 – Cup Stacking Challenge

Create the highest tower among other participants using paper cups. Stack them in such a way that you have the highest tower in 5 minutes of time. This is great for kids to do. But even adults love doing this challenge. People love accomplishing little things in life. Other people love watching such challenges.

98 – Tiny Hands Challenge

Get tiny prop hands for this challenge. You have to do all the tasks using these little hands instead of your real ones. Do this with your friends or partners and have a funny little experience in your life’s book.

99 – Silent Challenge

In this challenge, you have to stay silent in whatever you do. When you are eating, opening, and drinking things like pringles, carrots, crackers, and chips. You have to stay silent and make the least noise possible. Wait for the reactions that your friends make while trying to make the least noise.

100 – Hot Sauce Challenge

The hot sauce challenge is about trying 15 different varieties of hot sauces. Trying hot sauces is going to be tough on you. But the amusement because of reactions and thrill is definitely unmatched. Young viewers love watching this type of video, so make one if you have such viewers too.

101 – One Bite Challenge

To win the one bite challenge, you have to eat food but take only one bite. So, make sure to take the biggest bite possible to eat it all at once. Do film this challenge to record the bursting mouths of your friends.

Youtube challenges are fun, engaging, and attract a large number of views.

I hope you liked this full list of the most popular and Trending 101 Youtube Challenges Idea.

Pick any of these youtube challenges, make a video on them, complete the challenge and maybe Invite your favorite YouTubers or other creator Friends to try out the same.

I also covered Best 101 YouTube channel ideas without showing face a few days back.

If you are new and clueless about starting a new youtube channel, do consider reading it too. Have fun creating these youtube challenges and sharing them with your Audience.

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