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A complete guide from buying the domain, using coupon code to get the domain at a lower price, buying the best hosting package at an affordable price, connecting hosting with your domain(updating nameservers), WordPress installation, theme change and Google AdSense application process in a video. Complete support if required for Free. 🚀 💰

Blogging and Earning Money Online from Google AdSense.

What is WordPress?

Let’s keep it simple. WordPress is a platform where websites are designed and built. WordPress powers millions of blogs and websites. It is user-friendly to use. Everyone can design a new blog easily.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a program run by Google that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements that are targeted to site content and audience.

Example: You might have seen Google AdSense Ads on many websites, like the one shown in below image with arrow marks for better understanding. 

How do I get paid?

Earnings = Page View x Click-Through Rate (Page CTR) x Cost Per Click (CPC)

  • Page Views in this formula only include those pages with Google’s ads on them. If you have 1,000 visitors viewing 2 pages each on average, that gives you 2,000 page views. But if only half the pages contain ads, AdSense will report 1,000 impressions.
  • Page CTR is the percentage of clicks divided by the Page Views. If 1,000 page views generate 10 clicks, your click-through rate is 1%.
  • CPC is how much each click earns you, on average. If your CPC is $0.50, your total earnings will be $5.00 (10 clicks x $0.50).

Another term you will see used in your AdSense Performance Reports is RPM. This stands for Revenue per Mille, or Revenue per Thousand page views (“Mille” is the French word for “Thousand”).

It’s calculated like this: CTR x CPC x 1,000.

So, in the example above: 0.01 CTR x 0.50 CPC x 1,000 = $5.00 RPM (which is pretty good going!)

Note: Do not underestimate your visitors thinking they will not click the ads as you never know. Depending on the CPC, I get paid $1 – $14+ per click.

Google AdSense transfers money via bank, Western Union, and cheque. After all, it’s Google’s company – Pays on time.


Before starting a blog, Select your passion / niche: Technology, Cricket, Games, Gadgets, Cooking, Mehendi, Fashion, Motivation.

Create a blog in which you are very much passionate about it and you have better knowledge to share via your blog to your visitors.

There is a free way to start a blog from Blogger.Com, which is also owned by Google. It provides you a subdomain for free of cost. You can have your blog live on the internet in 30 minutes.

As our focus is to earn money via blogging, it will be better if we do it professionally by setting up our own domain like and own hosting. (Do not panic, I will guide you further)

You can buy your desired domain from Godaddy, Bigrock, or NameCheap.

First, check which provider is providing your desired domain at a low cost. Use coupon codes while purchasing domains.

Note: I have my domains in Godaddy, Bigrock, and NameCheap. So far so good, they are the most reputable companies for domain providing.

[GUIDE] Buying Domain Using Godaddy

Note: It is as per expert Bloggers’ suggestion, always buy domains with .com, .net, .org.

  1. Click Add to cart, Continue to Cart.
  2. Yes, Domains would cost you as low as Rs.400 per year on offer days like black friday.
  3. Choose your brand name wisely. Click on make it yours and continue to cart.
  4. The next page will show like shown in the below image. Do not add professional email or any other additional offers and click on continue to cart.

The next page would look like this as shown in the below image.

  1. Do not panic, Select the domain period for 1 year.
  2. The price will get changed automatically as shown below.

Now you need to be smarter to save money. Open a new tab and search for Godaddy Domain Promotional Codes.

I accessed Coupondunia website as it showed in Google 1st-page result.

When you click on SHOW COUPON CODE, It will open a new tab to let you access the code, here it is how it looks.

Copy or Enter the code on your Godaddy Check Out Page by clicking on “Have Promotional code? Add” in the Godaddy Check Out Page.

The cost of the domain was Rs.949 and now the same domain is available at Rs.499 only.

Click on I’m ready to pay and register a new account if you don’t have one. Complete the payment and email verification.

Once the order was placed successful, you will get an email like shown below.

Access your Godaddy Account.

You need to change the DNS. To get the DNS, we need to buy a shared hosting, dedicated hosting, or VPS.

I would recommend you in your initial starting stage to buy a shared hosting as it is less expensive and easily affordable to start blogging.


Click Here to buy hosting in the best hosting at a very affordable price.

You can use any plans for 1 month, 6 months, or 1 year.

If you are just starting by, I would recommend you to enable the Baby plan for at least 1 year. If you have different plans to build different categories website, Younger or Hero plan will be the best.

After selecting the plan, once you click on Buy Now.

Select server location USA or United Kingdom and click on Use Existing Domain as you have already bought the domain from Godaddy or Bigrock.

Enter your domain in the above-mentioned order. And click on add to basket. It will validate the domain and take you to the next step.

I would suggest you to select for yearly package which costs around Rs.849 which is Rs.74.50 per month.

Enter your basic details to complete the registration.

Once you complete the order, you will get the following email to confirm the registration.

Once you confirmed it, you will get another email with sensitive information.

You will get the nameserver details in your email.

Copy the name servers and enter these details in your Godaddy Account by clicking on the DNS.

Enter the name servers you got in your email and click change, it will take approximately 10 minutes to get synced.

Once you change the name servers, Access your SpidyHost account. Now we need to install WordPress on your server to make your website live.

Under active services click on your baby plan package.

By clicking on services, it will redirect you to the Control Panel page.

Click on Log in to Control Panel to Install WordPress.

Scroll Down in your control panel.

Click On WordPress to install it.

It will redirect you to the following page, Select the domain from the drop down which you entered while you placed your hosting order.

Leave the Directory empty and click on Quick Install.

Set up Username, Password, and Contact Email to use when you forget your password for WordPress.

Once the installation gets successfully completed, You can be able to access your WordPress

Select the English language and enter your new username and password to access WordPress.

After logging in inside WordPress, this is how the WordPress dashboard will look.

wordpress dashboard inside

Click on appearance from the left section in the dashboard, Select themes.

WordPress has varieties of themes for free. Click Add New.

Select a theme for your website, Make sure it looks professional and standard as per your niche because in the next step we need to apply for Google AdSense. It is like proposing the most beautiful girl 😉

Click on the Pages to add new pages and add Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Disclaimer pages.

Click On Posts to write a post and publish it on your website.

Make sure you have a minimum of 15 posts with each post containing minimum 800+ words on your website before applying for Google AdSense.

Google AdSense only accepts original and family friendly content blogs / website.

Add proper images and post informative content on your blog daily or weekly thrice.

[GUIDE] To Become Google AdSense Publisher

Click here to sign up for Adsense Using your Gmail id.

Watch this below video on

How To Get Your Website Approved For Google Adsense In 10 Steps

Enter your domain as mentioned format.

Select your country and click on Create Account.

Note: Enter your Address properly as you will receive a letter from Google AdSense with the verification pin after you cross the threshold of $10 in AdSense Account.

After submitting all details properly, you will see a message on your AdSense asking you to connect your website to AdSense.

To do this, you need to copy the code and paste it into your website header using a plugin; you can do it easily.

Now wait for 7 days to receive an approval status email from Google AdSense.

Sometimes Google AdSense approves your application within 8 hours the same day you apply, sometimes it takes weeks to get response from Google.

Note: Make sure your website looks professional, very neat, and clean.

Once your Google Adsense gets approved and your AdSense Dashboard will look something like this.

Once you cross the payment threshold of $10 in Google AdSense, they will send you a letter with a 6-digit pin for verification. Now they have multiple advance verification method to verify your identity and address verification with your ID Cards.

Your earnings will get transferred to your account only if you verify your Google AdSense account. It will let you change your Address 2 times to receive the pin.

Google AdSense Payment System: How it works?

  • January Month Earning – $300
  • February Month – Receive on 21st to 25th

With Google AdSense, you can earn $1 – $10,000+ per day. It is limitless to describe as websites like BusinessInsider.Com are making millions of dollars per month. Build your passion in creating good content, Money will start to flow automatically.

Note: It is very essential to avoid clicking on your own ads or encouraging friends to do so to ensure a smooth Google AdSense experience. Follow the guidelines of the adsense to keep your account active and continue working.

This is not a Get Rich Quick Scheme Or Guide. It all depends on your passion and smart work to change your own life and to be your own boss. Once you are passionate to start blogging, Learn Affiliate Marketing, And Learn to Create Own Digital Products to Earn More.

Don’t Give Up.

I hope you understood everything very well. If you still have any doubts, you can contact me on Instagram @creatorsdnaofficial to get your blog / website setup without any errors.

I will try my best to help and support you.


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