Best Video Editing App For YouTube Beginners 2024

In this article, we are to find out which is Best Video Editing App For YouTube Beginners 2024. Starting a YouTube channel can seem intimidating for beginners when it comes to video editing. However, you don’t need expensive, complex software to edit quality videos. There are many user-friendly, budget-friendly video editing apps perfectly suited for YouTube creators just starting out.

This comprehensive guide covers the 10 best video editing apps for YouTube beginners in 2024. We’ll compare features and capabilities based on interface, effects, transitions, text & titles, music library, optimized exports for YouTube, mobile access, pricing tiers, and more.

By the end, you’ll have the insights to confidently choose an editing app that aligns with your skill level, content style and budget as a budding YouTuber. Let’s dive in!

Why Video Editing Matters on YouTube

Before we rank the apps, it helps to understand why video editing is so important for YouTube success:

  • Editing improves watch time by cutting unnecessary footage and enhancing pacing. YouTube favors longer watch times.
  • Transitions, text, effects and music create more engaging, polished-looking videos.
  • Brand consistency is established through custom intros, outros and watermarks.
  • Optimized exports ensure fast upload times and maximum YouTube quality.
  • Creative editing helps videos stand out and gain more views in the algorithm.

While experienced YouTubers use advanced software like Final Cut Pro, beginners can start with user-friendly apps with all the core editing features covered.

Ranking Criteria for the Apps

With a crowded video editor app market, how do you determine what will work best for your YouTube channel as a beginner? Here are the key criteria we ranked the top 10 options on:

Ease of Use – The interface needs to be intuitive enough for those new to editing.

Effects & Filters – Fun effects and filters add creativity.

Transitions & Titles – Tools to stitch clips together smoothly and label sections.

Audio Features – Ability to adjust audio and incorporate background music.

YouTube Export – Optimized export presets for uploading to YouTube.

Mobile Friendly – Access for editing on the go from iOS and Android devices.

Pricing Tiers – Rating free vs. paid plans based on value.

Additional Features – Unique tools and perks that add value.

Customer Support – Quality of manuals, FAQs, training and technical assistance.

Using these criteria, we selected and ranked the 10 best video editors specifically for empowering YouTube beginners to start creating quality content.

10 Best Video Editing App For YouTube Beginners

1. Filmora9 – Best for Beginners Overall

Kicking off our rankings is Filmora9, our choice for the best video editing app overall for YouTube beginners in 2024. Filmora strikes the perfect balance of professional editing capabilities in an intuitive interface.

Key beginner-friendly features include:

  • Easy drag and drop timeline
  • 1000+ effects and filters
  • Smooth transition options
  • Built-in titles and text
  • Audio mixing
  • Dedicated YouTube export presets
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Great intro pricing of $39.99 annually

Filmora9 handles all the core editing basics while still offering room to grow skills. The affordable one-time payment structure is perfect for beginners looking for value.

2. Adobe Premiere Rush – Top Pick for Mobile

For YouTubers looking to edit videos on the go directly from iOS and Android devices, Adobe Premiere Rush is the top choice. The app version makes Premiere’s pro-level tools accessible for beginners through templates and intuitive timelines.

Standout features for mobile users:

  • Desktop + mobile app versions
  • Cloud syncing between devices
  • Mobile capture capabilities
  • Intelligent editing suggestions
  • Customizable Motion Graphics templates
  • Simple exports optimized for social
  • Starter plan only $9.99/month

Adobe Rush’s seamless cross-device experience is ideal for beginners shooting and editing YouTube videos from a smartphone.

3. InVideo – Best Unlimited Template Library

InVideo edges out the competition for beginners thanks to its unmatched library of 7,000+ customizable templates spanning YouTube niches. Creating great-looking videos is as easy as swapping in your own text, images, and video clips.

Additional perks for beginners include:

  • Intuitive drag and drop editor
  • Premium library of stock photos and videos
  • Animated elements and illustrations
  • Auto-generate captions and subtitles
  • YouTube export presets
  • Mobile app for editing on iOS and Android

At just $7.99/month, InVideo offers incredible value and creative assets perfect for beginners seeking a short learning curve.

4. Kapwing – Top Browser-Based Choice

For YouTubers looking to edit directly in their browser without downloading software, Kapwing is the best pick. The intuitive interface and array of templates are ideal for beginners getting started right away.

Notable features accessible in Kapwing’s browser editor:

  • Easy drag and drop timeline
  • Meme and YouTube template library
  • Media library with 1M+ stock assets
  • Animated scene templates
  • Customizable titles, subtitles and stickers
  • YouTube export presets
  • Fast rendering speeds
  • Free plan available

As a browser-based option, Kapwing offers quick set up for YouTube creators ready to dive into editing through their web browser.

5. VN Video Editor – Best for Vlogging

VN Video Editor is specifically designed for vlogging and videos featuring a prominent central speaker. The app provides stellar tools to engage viewers and enhance your presence as a personality.

Standout vlogging features:

  • Visual effects triggered by voice
  • AI auto editing to music tempo
  • Smart contrast, color and audio balancing
  • Integrated stock media options
  • Powerful face detection and tracking
  • Picture-in-picture and split screen options
  • One-tap background blur
  • YouTube exporting

For beginner YouTubers creating videos as a personal host, VN Video Editor has all the polish needed to take vlogs to the next level.

6. Clipchamp

Offering a full featured editor optimized for the web, Clipchamp is beginner-friendly thanks to its intuitive interface and handy video tutorials. Flexible customization helps improve quality as skills progress.

Notable web-based features:

  • Streamlined timeline workflow
  • Stock media library access
  • Animated templates for intros/outros
  • Customizable titles and transitions
  • YouTube export presets
  • Screen and webcam recording
  • Basic editor free

For in-browser editing with room to grow, Clipchamp is a quality pick accessible to all levels of YouTube creators.

7. iMovie

A longtime favorite for Mac users, iMovie offers a seamless editing experience thanks to its user-friendly interface and Apple device integration. While light on advanced features, it’s easy for complete beginners to piece together polished looking videos.

Great for Mac users:

  • iOS integration and continuity
  • Intuitive drag and drop editor
  • Quality trailer templates
  • Simple color correction
  • Audio editing tools
  • Direct YouTube publishing
  • Free with Mac devices

Transitioning from hobbyist to prosumer? iMovie is a comfortable entry point for YouTubers in the Apple ecosystem.

8. VideoToolbox

VideoToolbox is an editor optimized for simplicity, making it a top contender for those with no prior editing experience. The app prioritizes speed through flexible templates, partial rendering, and quick exports tailored for YouTube.

Features streamlining the editing process:

  • Easy template customization
  • Partial video rendering
  • Dynamic trimming and splitting tools
  • Fast YouTube export module
  • Library of free stock media
  • Intuitive audio editing
  • Affordable paid plans

For straightforward YouTube editing focused on speed, VideoToolbox delivers the beginner-friendly experience you need.

9. VSDC Video Editor

Don’t let the advanced toolkit fool you – VSDC Video Editor still ranks as a great pick for beginners thanks to its intuitive drag and drop workspace. Offering room to grow beyond basics, it balances power with ease of use.

Why it works for beginners:

  • Easy to navigate workspace
  • 600+ effects, filters and animations
  • Masking abilities
  • Wide format support
  • Color correction
  • Voiceover recording
  • Direct YouTube publishing
  • Free version available

VSDC Video Editor lets beginners create quality content while getting comfortable with more advanced options at their own pace.

10. Blender

While known more as a professional 3D animation suite, the versatile Blender still qualifies as beginner-friendly thanks to its welcoming community and available learning resources.

Benefits for new users:

  • Completely free and open source
  • Extensive tutorials and docs
  • Full feature set for 3D and 2D
  • Intuitive keyboard shortcuts
  • Node-based compositor
  • YouTube export add-ons
  • Cross-platform compatibility

Don’t let Blender’s advanced capabilities deter.

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