Indian Stocks/Shares which are best for Investment in 2022

The year 2021 was a good year for the Indian Stock Market. Most of the Investors Made Huge Profit. But 2022 will test the Patience of Investors as Many Global Events will Happen this Year. Fed i.e. Central Bank of America will Hike the Rates, Bond Tampering i.e. Purchase of Bonds will be Stopped. Inflation Reaches All-time High Globally. Besides all these Events we will suggest Indian Stocks/Shares which are best for Investment in 2022

Indian Stocks/Shares best for Investment in 2022

1- Reliance Industries

Mukesh Ambani Led Reliance Industries is diversifying its Business from O2C to Renewable Energy, Digital Technology, Retail. Promoters of Reliance Knows that Data is the New Oil. So First they Launched Jio and created an Entry Barrier in Telecom Industry as Telecom Industry is very Capital Intensive. After This Reliance Enters in the Field of IoT and AI. Currently, Company has step into the field of Green Energy. As future is Green Energy. so You can Invest in Reliance Industries.

2- HDFC Bank

Banks are the Backbone of any Economy. Banks help in Boosting the Economy of the Country as Bank Gives Loan for the Start of New Business. In India HDFC Bank is the Most Trustable Bank in India. People Net NPA of HDFC Bank Stood at only 1.35%. According to RBI if HDFC Bank is too Big to Fail. It Means if HDFC Bank Fails then the Economy of India will Collapse. HDFC Bank is Available at a PE of below 30. IN 2021 HDFC Bank didn’t Give Returns to its Investors. So It is Thought that HDFC Bank will give a return in 2022.

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