101+ Awesome YouTube Channel ideas (without showing face 2022)

101+ Awesome YouTube Channel ideas (without showing face 2024)

Many people are passionate about starting their youtube channel. But are hesitant to put their face out to the world.

Are you one among them?

If you are shy to be on camera,

Whether you are an introvert, or

If you prefer to be not seen on the internet

Here’s some good news! You can make a youtube Channel without showing your face

Also, making youtube videos without showing your face has its own benefits.

Expensive gadgets are not required to make youtube videos.

You need not worry about your looks.

You can choose to sell the channel once it takes off. 

With that being said, in this article, we are going to blow your mind with not just 5, not just 10.

But, legit 101 youtube channel ideas without showing your face.

101 Examples of Youtube Channel Ideas Without Face

Let’s start our list of Top 101 Faceless youtube channel ideas.

1. 5-Minute Crafts

5-Minute Crafts

5-Minute Crafts is a life hacks channel. They create a lot of quirky and fun hack videos.

2. Lumowell

This is a fitness channel. They make different types of workout videos featuring an animated personal trainer.

  • Subscribers – 7 lakh and 32 thousand (732K)
  • Topics they cover – Fitness workouts, Health tips, At home exercises.
  • Channel link – https://youtube.com/c/Lumowell

3. Infobells


This channel offers education and entertainment videos for kids. They also make these videos in many regional languages.

4. ViralBe

youtube channel ideas without showing your face

ViralBe creates interesting and stunning videos about animals. You will love this page if you are a dog lover. They have quite a lot of videos about dogs.

  • Subscribers – 1.88 Million
  • Topics they cover – Top 10 videos, versus videos, and fact videos about dogs and other animals. 
  • Channel link – https://youtube.com/c/ViralBe

5. Future Tech

This channel reviews the latest gadgets, new inventions, and tools.

6. The Engineering Mindset

youtube channel ideas without showing your face

An engineering mindset helps students and engineers to learn engineering concepts. They create technical videos through their short and simplified tutorials.

7. Satoshi Stacker

Satoshi Stacker

A youtube channel that talks about the latest news of bitcoin, crypto, and altcoins.

8. Bladed Angel

This channel is a blessing for all the car nerds out there. They talk A-Z about cars.

They also claim that they do not take any sponsorship. 

9. 7-Second Riddles

A place for awesome riddles and answers. They put your brain to good use with their best riddles.

10. Modern Love Potion

youtube channel ideas without showing your face

This is a growing channel that talks about love and relationships. They talk about the qualities of men and women that attract each other.

11. Spirit Science

Spirit Science talks about science and spirituality to find the mysteries of life.

12. Travel Thirsty

Travel Thirsty

This channel is all about exploring street food from different countries. They encounter different street food cuisines. Some of their videos are from India, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, New York, and Thailand.

13. Nuke’s Top 5

youtube channel ideas without showing your face

With all things scary, this channel is sure to keep you up at night. Their videos are all about ghosts, monsters, and creepy events.

  • Subscribers – 3.19 Million
  • Topics they cover – Top 5 lists of scary things and Creepy unusual events. Ghosts caught on camera, mysteries, the supernatural, and mysterious creatures.
  • Channel link – https://youtube.com/c/NukesTop5

14. Hebbars Kitchen

Hebbars Kitchan

Hebbars kitchen is an exclusive channel for Indian vegetarian recipes. They also have their Android and iOS apps. Their videos are drool-worthy!

15. Explore Lucid Dreaming

This channel provides step-by-step tutorials on lucid dreaming. They teach people how to lucid dreams. Lucid dreaming is when you are aware of your dream. And you can control your dream. Sounds awesome, isn’t it?

16. Top 10 Gaming

Success secrets TV aims at providing the secrets of success. The videos are made from their own experience and experiments.

22. BabbleTop

This channel is popular for its top 10 list videos on the biggest food topics.

  • Subscribers – 6 lakh and 81 thousand (681K)
  • Topics they cover – Food brands, restaurants, nostalgic brands. Plus the forgotten menu items, food shows, food tv personalities, and popular chefs.
  • Channel link – https://youtube.com/c/BabbleTop

23. Bright Side

The bright side has something for everyone. They talk about discoveries, space exploration, and true stories, along with fitness, fun tests, psychology, gadgets, and a lot more.

24. How to draw and paint

If you want to learn to draw, sketch or paint, this channel is the right place. This is a great youtube channel idea for someone who knows painting.

25. Mega Dinosaurs

This channel talks about all things dinosaurs. 

26. Chris Invests

Chris invests aims to provide free knowledge about money and investment.

  • Subscribers – 17 thousand and 7 hundred(17.7K)
  • Topics they cover – Investing tips, retirement, saving money tips.
  • Channel link – https://youtube.com/c/ChrisInvests

27. Bigtracktorpower

This is a dedicated channel for farm machinery. Their videos feature the latest machines to the classic ones.

28. Venture City

Venture city produces mini-documentaries on future businesses and innovators.

29. Economics Explained

Talks about countries, politics, and decisions from an economist’s perspective.

30. Spill

This channel discusses different YouTubers’ dramas and gossip. This can be a cool way to get monetized without showing your face, right?

31. Andrea Roman

Andrea Roman uploads animated videos based on the Law of Attraction.

32. Next Level Life
Next Level Life

Next level life provides educational videos on finance using simple animations.

33. Natural Cures

This channel focuses on natural ways to improve health. 

34. Mr.Nightmare

As the name suggests, this channel has scary stories and dark theme lists.

35. Tropical Gardening

This channel features exotic gardens, plants, and trees in the Netherlands.

36. Destiny

This is an interesting channel. They explore the mysterious places on Earth and the incredible universe.

37. Mangold Project

Mangold’s project helps you become a better musician with their teaching lessons.

38. EatSleepCruise.com

They make a bunch of cruise and ship-related videos.

39. 4 Ever Green

This channel is an awesome compilation of videos. They are about strange, weird, and beautiful wild animals.

40. Dark skies

Dark skies channel explores the history of aviation and documentaries featuring different airplanes.

41. Amazing Stock

Delivers list videos on archeology. 

42. Make Money Matt

This channel shows how to make money on youtube without showing your face.

43. Language animated
Language Animated

Teaches different languages to read and write with animated videos.

44. Mr.Luxury

A roof of luxury. They make videos on expensive things.

45. Mustard

Mustard makes videos on vehicles, planes, and cruises.

46. FreeCodeCamp.org

They make educational videos on programming languages.

47. Yummy food world

This youtube channel inspires others to cook. They specialize in Nepali/Newari cuisine.

48. What lurks below

This channel gives a glimpse of marine life and the ocean.

49. Young Entrepreneurs Forum
Young Entrepreneurs Forum

This channel covers various business ideas for starting your business. 

50. TPS

Makes videos on NFL and sports.

51. Trend Central

Trend central creates entertaining videos on different topics.

52. ExoticCarspotters

Created by two car enthusiasts, this channel uploads car videos from different videos.

53. What If

They make videos on “What If” hypothetical questions and theories of the universe.

54. Mahir cave

A channel that teaches how to make paper airplanes.

55. Second Thought

The second thought is a dedicated channel for education on current events.

56. The Art of Improvement

This is one of the best youtube channel ideas in TOP 101 youtube channel ideas without showing your face because this youtube channel makes videos on how to be a better version of yourself. They make cute animations to explain.

57. Baseball Doesn’t Exist

They create videos on all things related to baseball.

58. Bestie

Bestie focuses on health and nutrition. They also have videos on hacks and tips.

59. DocUnlock

Makes educational videos on health.

60. wonder why

wonder why answers a lot of geographical questions.

61. 3D VR 360 videos

This channel gives the experience of virtual reality videos.

62. Productivity game

Simplifies the books on personal and professional improvements.

63. Zodiac Maniac

If you believe in the zodiac, this channel is for you.

64. Quadcopter 101

Quadcopter 101

A dedicated channel for drones, multi-copter, quadcopters.

65. Top 5s

Covers interesting topics from history to paranormal activities.

66. DJ’s Aviation

This channel provides regular news and updates on the aviation industry.

67. AnimalWised

They make videos to help you understand more about your pets.

68. ASMR gaming news

This is a gaming channel with a twist. They make videos using ASMR sounds. This whispering sound helps many people to relax.

69. Tech Gumbo

This channel makes technology tutorials covering software, editors, and operating systems.

70. Touropia

Touropia features the best places to visit around the world. They make these videos in the “Best of” format.

  • Subscribers –  6 lakh and 60 thousand (660K)
  • Topics they cover – Landscapes, ancient monuments, islands, wildlife.
  • Channel link – https://youtube.com/user/touropia

71. Skerry Harry
Skerry Harry

They make top lists of videos on travel, money, facts, education, and business.

72. Nicki Swift

Nicki Swift creates videos on celebrities, and TV stars. They talk about their career and personal life. 

73. Inside Football

They talk all about football history, football players, and some investigations on football.

74. ColdFusion

This channel is a combination of business and history. They make catchy stories about our world.

  • Subscribers – 2.98 Million
  • Topics they cover – are Artificial Intelligence, Smartphones, Technology, and Business History.
  • Channel link – https://youtube.com/c/ColdFusion

75. Casual Navigation

They concentrate on making education and entertainment videos on maritime.

76. DomisLive News
DomisLive NEWS

DomisLive is a news channel about hip-hop, movies, and celebrities. They narrate the news in rap format.

77. Philosophies for Life

This channel is all about giving life-changing philosophical ideas to improve your life.

78. Chills

Chills is a creepy channel narrating in-depth scary videos, and mysterious, strange events.

  • Subscribers – 5.66 Million
  • Topics they cover – Ghosts caught on video, mysterious creature sightings.
  • Channel link – https://youtube.com/c/Chills15

79. The Cynical Historian

This channel makes episodes on analytical, historical subjects.

80. RoCars

This channel takes you through most of the popular auto shows to witness brand-new cars.

81. Future lab

future lab makes videos on the latest electric cars and vehicles.

82. HowToBasic

how to basic

This is an awesome youtube channel idea. They make “How to” videos on anything and everything.

83. Keep Productive

This is a great channel that helps you to stay productive. They make videos on tools and ideas that can make you more productive.

84. OhNyquist

This channel makes content on NHL – National Hockey League

85. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

This is a unique channel trying to make science look beautiful.

86. JCS – Criminal Psychology
JCS - Criminal Psychology

This is a popular youtube channel. They make videos on crime stories and behavioral psychology.

87. GlobeTrotter Alpha

GlobeTrotter Alpha makes immersive travel videos around the globe. Their videos can be a great resource for planning a vacation.

88. Amerikano

Amerikano is an entertainment channel with incredible videos based on facts.

89. PD Evolution

A channel for videos on supercars, rare and expensive cars.

90. Yay for Yarn

This channel makes skillful videos on yarn. In addition, they create tutorials on types of knitting and yarn.

91. Dark Docs

Dark Docs makes military history documentaries. They are about World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Gulf War.

92. Casefile Presents

This is one of the best youtube channel ideas without showing your face. This is a podcast channel. It does not need any video creation.

93. Body Hub

Body hub brings you videos on general health and fitness.

  • Subscribers –  8 lakh and 95 thousand (895K)
  • Topics they cover – Weight loss secrets, Beauty tips, Body detox ideas.
  • Channel link – https://youtube.com/c/BodyHub

94. Make Money

How to make Money

This channel focuses on making money online. They focus on Android apps, Part Time Jobs, and Affiliate programs.

95. Numerology secrets

They reveal secrets of specific numerals. This is a great channel for anyone who believes in numerology.

96. TED-Ed

TED-Ed creates important lessons as an extension of TED talks. They make animated videos that can spread great ideas.

97. Tech Vision

Tech vision covers topics on innovation and technology.

98. Austin Sweatt

This channel talks all about the National Basketball Association. They also talk about the team and the players.

99. Tasty Recipes

They make delicious-looking foods with different varieties and flavors.

100. H20 Delirious

They make humorous and fun animated cartoon videos.

101. Theme park review

Theme park review travels to parks around the world. They have made 1000+ videos on roller coasters and theme parks.

  • Subscribers –  1.71 Million
  • Topics they cover – Videos from Walt Disney World, Six Flags, Cedar Point, and Cedar Fair Parks. It also covers Tokyo Disneyland,  DisneySea, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, and Disneyland.
  • Channel link – https://youtube.com/c/themeparkreview

Ok, So These All are an Example of TOP 101 Youtube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face. So if you think to make our youtube channel, but you don’t show our face in the video, you pick any one Channel Idea and Make a video and Run our self Youtube Channel.

FAQs Regarding the Youtube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face.

Q1- Can I make a YouTube channel without showing my face?
Ans- You Can Make Youtube Channel without showing your face.

Q2- How can I make money on YouTube without showing faces?
Ans- You can Make Money with a Youtube Channel. I have shared 101 ideas to start a YouTube Video without showing your face.

We hope these 101 ideas to start a YouTube video without showing your face have inspired you somehow. 

You no longer have to procrastinate creating your youtube channel. These ideas have worked wonders for these YouTubers. There is no reason why it wouldn’t work for you as well. Besides, you can come up with your ideas and strategies to create a faceless youtube channel.

Do let us know which of these ideas you find the most interesting. Also, share with us if you have any unique ideas for starting a youtube channel without showing your face.

If you are looking for some fun youtube challenges to try out on your channel, do read our list of 101 Trending Youtube challenges.

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